Where is the best Walleye Fishing in North America?

Where is the best Walleye Fishing in North America? I’m going to go there!

Practically anywhere you can toss a line into the water and pull out a walleye can be considered the “best” spot for walleye fishing in North America. Initial distribution concentration took place in the Eastern and Southeastern portions of the United States. This would be a good place to start your walleye fish hunt. The hunt can begin in New York where a variety of rivers and lakes provide home for the walleye. One of the most popular walleye fishing spots in New York is the Allegheny Reservoir. Other hot reservoir spots include the Ashokan and Carry Falls Reservoirs. Off these bodies of water span numerous lakes and stream that is a perfect hide out for walleye. Among them are Chautauqua Lake, Conesus Lake, Saratoga Lake and Tupper Lakes. Located just next door in neighboring Pennsylvania is a wealth of lakes and reservoirs that are a favorite among the walleye. As with New York, the best place to start is at the Allegheny Reservoir. This is where the state record walleye was captured. Following this, there is Blue Marsh Lake, Glendale Lake, Pymatuning Lake and Shenango River Lake. One of the best and perhaps the most surprising places to catch walleye in North America is West Virginia. An elaborate system of rivers and streams feed into bigger lakes and reservoirs. The walleye can be found in each of these bodies of water. Some of the smaller rivers have been known to produce the biggest walleye catches. Major walleye lakes here include Beech Fork Lake, Cheat Lake and Stonewall Jackson Lake. The state record walleye catch came from the Kanawha River. All portions of Canada are perfect walleye fishing territory as well. The best times to fish for walleye here are early morning and just at sunset. There really is not a bad spot to fish for walleye in North America. Find some water, drop a line and hopefully pull something up on the other end.

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