Valuable Walleye Fly Fishing Tips

Using lighter lines is another walleye fly fishing tip to use. This should be used so that the amount of resistance on the lure will be significantly reduced. A four or six pound test line is a better item to use. This will help to get the fish to attach to the line with ease and be able to stay on the line when it is being reeled in.

The bait that the fish is going to be getting will be inhaled. However, it is can tough for walleye to be able to take in smaller baits. By attaching a plastic body onto a jig that is used for fly fishing, the surface area for the fish to inhale is larger for a lure. The inhaling force of the fish will be able to apply to the larger surface area and therefore will be easier for the fish to take in.

The last of the walleye fly fishing tips to use is that you need to use a rig that is a bottom bouncing rig. This is a type of rig where the weight will bounce off the bottom of the surface. This helps to create a sense of slack in the line used in the fishing process. This is used to allow the walleye to be able to inhale the rig and the bait at an easier level. When the walleye is able to inhale the bait, it will be much easier to get the fish out of the water.

These are some great tips for walleye fishing. If you use the proper lures and direct your fishing in certain areas, you can catch walleye easier than if you use the wrong lures and test lines. The sunglasses are necessary with any type of fishing because of the problems you could sustain from the sun glaring off the water. If you follow these tips, you should have a great day catching walleye’s.

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