Pike fishing in Holland – baits, gear, places

A very popular sport fish sought out in Holland is the Pike. This species thrive in these waters and some of the largest pike you’ve ever seen can be caught here. They can be found in most any body of water in Holland and most anglers’ fish from shore. However, you can go out on a boat if you prefer.

Pike are often called “the master of camouflage” because they hide out in areas with thick weeds and algae where they can’t be found. However, during the fall when these areas begin to thin out, you can find them much easier. For this reason, most anglers begin fishing for this species in the late fall or early winter.

Of course, fishing for pike in the early spring will also be effective due to the spawning season but this time of year is when the most anglers are out on the water and it can make fishing a little more difficult. If you prefer fishing when things are less crowed but still productive, the fall and winter will be the best time to go.

Fishing Gear and Baits for Holland

Pike are a very strong and energetic fish that will fight hard to get off the hook. Sometimes, they’ll jump high out of the water trying to work themselves loose. If your gear won’t hold up, then you’ll end up losing your catch. Therefore, the main thing that that you need to consider when buying gear is quality and durability.

Spin fishing from the bank is the most common method used to catch pike so all you really need is a good spinning rod and quality reel. You don’t have to go all out and buy the most expensive gear on the market.

Fly-fishing is a method that is growing in popularity when fishing for pike in Holland. If you decide to try this method, you’ll need a good quality fly rod. Whichever type of rod you decide to use, the length will play a major role in how successful you can be. The average size rod used for pike is between 7 and 10 feet long.

When fishing for pike, some of the most popular baits include spoons, plugs, flies and a variety of dead baitfish. It is illegal to fish with live bait in Holland so you’ll need a variety of lures to take with you. Red, pink, orange and yellow are all good colors to use when fishing for this species.

You can find pike almost anywhere in Holland if you know where to look for them. However, Amsterdam is known for having plenty of pike so it’s a popular spot for visitors. Wherever you choose to fish, search for the pike near drop offs, weed beds and similar structures. Instead of fishing the bottom, stay about halfway down. When fishing slow moving rivers fish in the shallows.

Most of the waters in Holland are limited to one fishing rod at a time unless you’re trolling and then you can use two. If you’re not sure how many you’re allowed to use where you’re fishing, it would be best to stick with the one. Many other rules and regulations apply that must be followed but they may be different depending on where you’re fishing so check the rules before you go.

What You Should Know about Pike Fishing in Holland

There are a few things that you should be aware of before planning a pike fishing trip in Holland. For example, this is a sport fish that must be released back into the water in the same area where they are caught. Killing pike is prohibited so keep this in mind when seeking out this species. It’s believed that the pike is needed to help keep the balance between the predator fish and the prey. In addition, they need to be released so they can continue to grow and flourish.

You’ll need a fishing license called the Sportvisakte before hitting the water in Holland. Make sure you take care of this before going fishing and keep it with you anytime you’re on the water in case you’re asked for it. Everyone who does any fishing will need this license. You’ll also need an additional license if you plan to fish at night so make sure you ask for it when getting the regular fishing license.

Another thing that gets visitors confused is that you need to have a license from the owner who has rights to the pike fishing water where you plan to fish. This is not as complicated as it sounds because fishing rights are collected under one “umbrella” so one license can cover a big area.

Between the months of March 1 through June 30, you’re not allowed to catch pike. In the event that you’re fishing during this time and do catch a pike, you’ll need to release it right away. Obeying all the fishing rules and regulations for pike fishing in Holland is necessary to ensure you have a fun and exciting time.


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