Canada walleye fishing lodges – three reviews

There are tons of wonderful Canada Walleye fishing lodges out there. It was really hard to narrow it down to just three of them to mention here. Yet these all can offer you a very fun and rewarding experience out there. They are also affordable, gorgeous, and some of the largest fish in Canada have come out of these waters.
Separation Lake Camps

This is one of the best places in Ontario along the English River System. It is in the Northern part of Ontario and it is also very pretty there. You will find plenty of great fishing locations including Walleye. If you are after trophy fish, this could be the ideal place for you to find them. Plenty of record breakers have come out of these very waters. It is also a great place for Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike.

Separation Lake Camps allow you plenty options for their cottages. You can go fish on your own terms if you like. You can also have a guided event where you have someone to take you to the best spots. The cottages are very comfortable and clean. You can also have food delivered if you would like. Enjoy the gorgeous view from the deck that each one of them offers too.

Some of the cottages come with a boat rental too if you want to go out there on your own, but need a boat. The idea is to allow you to create the package deal that is right for your Walleye fishing needs. You can come alone or with a group of friends to Separation Lake Camps. You won’t be disappointed at all.

If you don’t want to stay in the cottages, you can stay at the campgrounds. Some of them offer electricity but most of them don’t. Being outdoors and cooking your own meals may be part of what you want to experience.

The Sydney Lake Lodge

You will find the Sydney Lake Lodge offering you plenty of adventures. Walleye fishing is just one of them. You can also find large sized Northern Pike here. This is a woodland area where you will find plenty of conservation efforts in place. If you are looking for a fishing area that allows you to get back to nature, this place is ideal.

The waters here are pure as there is no upstream industrial activity in this area. That means the fish are healthy as are all living things in the water. The waters are very clean too. You will find that many of the people coming to The Sydney Lake Lodge are visitors there annually. They can’t get enough of it.

This is an isolated location too as it is a fly in only location. There are plenty of flights scheduled daily for you to get in and out. Your stay will also include your Ontario fishing license so all of that is taken care of for you.

The Sydney Lake Lodge takes care of you when you arrive. All of your gear will be taken to your cabin. Your boat rental will be filled with gas for you to use. The staff takes care of all your needs. You can get a fishing report, food, and other information just by asking. The equipment is well maintained and newer models so you can feel safe and comfortable with them.

The cost here is very affordable, but you will have to cook your own meals. You also get to be the captain of your own boat. If you need to have a guide, there will be additional charges. There are discounted prices for longer stays and for large groups. This is a great place for the entire family to come to relax and spend some time Walleye fishing.

Wolverine Lodge

At the Vandekerckhove Lake in Northeast Manitoba, you will find Wolverine Lodge. This is the right location for trophy sized Walleye fishing. For over 25 years this has been a family owned and operated establishment. They take pride in offering personalized services every step of the way.

This was one of the places that I found to be very nice all the way around. There is water everywhere you look. There are plenty of locations for fishing around this area too. You may have a favorite one that you come to each year. They have packages that include cooking, cleaning, and filling your rental boat up with gas. They have cabins with plenty of hot water too so you don’t have to give up that comfort of home.

They have accommodations for large groups too. Transportation can be provided from various areas to the lodge. This means you can fly in and not have to worry about a vehicle to get around in. All of the equipment you need is also offered at Wolverine Lodge which makes a great Walleye fishing trip very simple to plan and to enjoy.


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