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Four fishing tips for walleye ice fishing

Many anglers hang up their fishing gear when the cold weather sets in but if you’re not ready to hang up your rods just because it’s cold outside, ice fishing is for you. Walleye ice fishing can be some of the most exciting you’ve ever had the pleasure of doing and with all the modern technology available, you won’t freeze as long as you get prepared. Technology is a wonderful [...]

5 New pike fishing tactics

Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s something that anyone can do regardless of where you live or how much experience you have. When you’re searching for a species that makes fishing exciting and challenging, many anglers seek out the pike. This large, predator fish is very aggressive so it may not be suited for everyone but if you want an exciting adventure, it’s [...]

Fly fishing for walleye – three fishing secrets

The walleye is a popular game fish sought out by all types of anglers and fly fishing is becoming a very popular method used when fishing for them. They make a worthy adversary that gets lots of attention because they are so hard to catch. They can see very well, even in the dark and their most distinguishing feature is their large glassy eyes. These reflect light allowing them to see the baitfish [...]

3 Iowa walleye fishing tactics that anybody can use

The walleye is a popular fish species in Iowa and many anglers seek them out. They are an elusive fish that’s hard to catch and that makes seeking them out exciting and interesting. When you do get one hooked, it will fight hard to get away and many times, they will work themselves loose. Walleyes make fishing interesting because they are so challenging. If you’re not careful or if you’re [...]

Three pike fly fishing secrets

Fly fishing is a technique that’s growing in popularity as more anglers are learning the benefits it has to offer. It’s an effective way to fish and it’s very exciting when you hook a pike on the end of a fly rod. When fly fishing for this species, it’s important to choose the right type of rod. Fly fishing line is heavy so it takes a powerful rod to handle it and get the flies [...]

Five fishing tips for northern pike anybody can use

When you’re searching for a fun and active game fish, the northern pike is a great choice. They look a little unusual but they will certainly make your fishing trip an exciting one. This fish has a slender body, long head and a snout. They have a white stomach, olive green sides, dark spots on the fins and a light bar shape spot on the flank. They have very sharp teeth that you’ll want [...]

Four walleye fishing tips to use in Michigan

Michigan is an excellent place to fish for walleyes. You can find this species all through this beautiful state in different lakes and rivers. Therefore, you can fish for them no matter where you live or where you’re visiting. Their glassy eyes reflect light and allow them to see well even in the dark so they have an advantage over their prey. For this reason, they tend to feed the most aggressively [...]

Five Lake Erie walleye fishing tips

Lake Erie is an amazing place where you can enjoy some beautiful scenery, fresh air and wonderful fishing opportunities. The walleyes are one of the most sought out species in these waters because the cool water flowing through this lake makes the perfect habitat for them to thrive. If you’re looking for a trophy fish, this is the place to be. Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the Great Lakes [...]

Five walleye fishing techniques you can use anytime

Walleye fishing is a sport all anglers can enjoy regardless of age but they are a challenging fish. This particular species is intelligent, making them harder to catch than some of the others but it also makes fishing more exciting. They have a light bite that is hard to detect and they won’t strike at anything that appears odd or out of place. Since they are so hard to catch, it gives you a [...]

How to read the Columbia walleye fishing report

Walleyes are a very popular fish sought out by all types of anglers. There are several reasons why this species is so popular, one of which is the fact that they taste wonderful. Another reason anglers seek out this species is the challenges they provide. They are a difficult fish to catch because they have a very light bite that is hard to detect. If you’re not paying close attention, you’ll [...]

How pick the best of Branson walleye fishing guides

Branson has many fishing guides out there. This is one of the most popular fishing destinations you can choose from. The good news is that you should be able to get your hands on a remarkable guide. However, I want to caution you though that not all of the guides are the same. Here are some helpful hints to ensure you get one that is spectacular. Shop Around You won’t know who is out there or [...]

How to find a Dakota walleye fishing guide

You can easily find a Dakota walleye guide if you know what to look for. Let your fingers do the looking for you. By typing in a Dakota walleye guide into any search engine, you will get plenty of results in no time at all. Get a pen and paper ready so you can take down information. You want to find the one that is right for you. Think about what you would like to accomplish. How many days do you [...]

How to plan a perfect Canada walleye fishing trip

Planning the perfect Canada fishing trip does take some time. However, it means you won’t be leaving important issues to chance. The overall quality of your trip is going to be spectacular with the right planning in place. If you are going with several people, divide up the research that has to be done. Location There are so many wonderful places around Canada where you can go fishing. Part of [...]

5 best places and walleye baits to use on Lake Erie

Walleye fishing on Lake Erie is some of the best you’ll ever encounter and this is why anglers travel from all over the globe to do some fishing. Measuring by surface area, Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the Five Great Lakes. If you compare its surface size globally, it’s the thirteenth largest so there are many places for the walleye to hide out. Walleyes are one of the most challenging [...]

Four fishing tips to catch a giant walleye

Walleyes are one species that seem to have everything that entices anglers to fish for them. They offer up a true challenge, put up an amazing struggle when hooked and they taste great no matter how they’re prepared. They’re also an excellent species to seek out if you’re looking for a trophy fish in fresh water. Walleyes tend to like cold water better than warm and you’re [...]

Canada walleye fishing lodges – three reviews

There are tons of wonderful Canada Walleye fishing lodges out there. It was really hard to narrow it down to just three of them to mention here. Yet these all can offer you a very fun and rewarding experience out there. They are also affordable, gorgeous, and some of the largest fish in Canada have come out of these waters. Separation Lake Camps This is one of the best places in Ontario along the English [...]

Why you need a Dakota walleye fishing guide

You may need a Dakota Walleye fishing guide to assist you with making the most out of your experience. They often know plenty of details that you aren’t going to be familiar with. They know the waters like the back of their hand and that can help you with your outcome from the fishing trip. Focus on Fishing When you rely on a Dakota Walleye fishing guide, you can spend more time focused on fishing. [...]

How do you catch a walleye? Try these three fishing techniques

If you want to the opportunity to catch Walleye, here are three techniques that can help it happen! By following them you will be able to go home very happy with what you have. Plus, they are so delicious to eat that is going to make a very fine dinner for you. There are some wonderful recipes out there that you can try too if you are frequently catching them! Trolling One of the things you can do [...]

Where & why to download walleye fishing movies

Fishing is one of the most popular sports of today and the walleye is one of the most sought after game fish. They are a fun and exciting species and they make an excellent meal too. Fishing is something that anyone can do from the young to the elderly and you can fish for fun or professionally. There are just so many different levels of fishing that’s it’s suited for everyone. It gives [...]

Pike fishing in Holland – baits, gear, places

A very popular sport fish sought out in Holland is the Pike. This species thrive in these waters and some of the largest pike you’ve ever seen can be caught here. They can be found in most any body of water in Holland and most anglers’ fish from shore. However, you can go out on a boat if you prefer. Pike are often called “the master of camouflage” because they hide out in areas [...]
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