Muskegon Lake Walleye Fishing Secrets

If you want to reel in the biggest catches and the largest number of fish possible, then the best time to go walleye fishing is at night. This is when the largest fish are abundant and when this species is the most aggressive. They can see better at night than any other species so they have an advantage when the sun goes down. Days when it’s drizzling rain or when it’s cloudy are also a good time to go walleye fishing in Muskegon Lake.

Choosing the Right Equipment and Baits

The walleye is known for being an elusive fish so not only do you need to know where to look for them in the different seasons but you also need to use the right equipment in order to have the most success. Start by matching up your rod and reel with the type of tackle you plan to use. In other words, when you use a heavy rod and reel, you need to use a heavy jig.

The walleye can grow to some fairly impressive sizes and they can be very aggressive, which is why they are popular with so many anglers. It’s also the reasons why you need to use sturdy equipment or it could break during the struggle. Always use sharp hooks that are in good condition and carry extra line, hooks and lures with you because you never know when you’ll need them.

When fishing for walleyes in the spring and summer use plastic worms, crankbaits and small jigs. In the fall crankbaits, jigs and spoons work very well and spoons, jigs and plastic worms are great when fishing Muskegon Lake in the winter. When fishing for walleye you can always use live baits because they will respond very well to these. If you prefer to use artificial baits, then most anglers will agree that jigs are the best. You can also use spinnerbaits and grubs. Consider the season and choose your location carefully and you are sure to be successful reeling in the walleyes.

If you have access to a fish finder it will help you locate the walleye faster and help you determine the depth where they are located. Fishing Muskegon Lake can be very productive and lots of fun when you apply these secrets each time you go fishing.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow walleye fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on walleye fishing since 2004.

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