4 Best Tackle for Walleye Fishing

Fishing tackle consist of several different things from hooks to fishing line but the lures you use is critical to your success when fishing for walleyes. This species of fish is smart and very hard to catch. They have excellent eyesight that reflects light so they can see well at night and in dark waters. You can recognize this species by their large eyes, olive green or brown body and the dark colored band that runs vertically down its side. It has both a soft and spiny dorsal fin and a white tip on the tail fin that stands out.
Walleyes are found in waters all over the US and Canada but they thrive best in the north where the water stays cool. They average about twenty-five pounds but in the right conditions, they can grow larger. You can use most any technique you feel comfortable with when fishing for walleyes but the tackle you use will make a big difference in the amount of success you have. Using the best tackle for each situation will enhance your fishing trips. Here are 4 of the best tackle choices for walleye fishing available today. These can help you draw them in your direction and entice them to strike.
Walleyes can see very well and the jigs are some of the most colorful lures you’ll find on the market. Every walleye fisherman should have a variety of these in his tackle box. They can be used in all seasons and any type of water, which is why they are one of the best choices an angler can make when it comes to tackle. When the fish are being finicky, you can tip the end with live minnows or worms and this will help to entice them to strike. Use light jigs in calm water and heavier ones when fishing in water with a current.
These lures are designed to mimic the movement and vibrations of baitfish. Since walleyes are so smart and can see so well, this is vital if you want to reel in a nice catch. Many fishermen use this lure in tournaments because it does produce such good results when used correctly. Choose the ones between the three and five inch range and pick something that is similar to the natural baitfish found in the body of water where you’re fishing. Ones that rattle works best in dark waters and natural looking lures work best in clear water.
When you need a lure that has proven to work well, you can’t beat this one. They are very versatile because they can be used with most any technique. One reason they work so well for walleyes is because they vibrate through the water and they produce a flash that gets their attention. In normal conditions, use a number 3 spinner and use a number 4 when fishing in deeper waters. If the walleyes are being picky, then you can tip the hook with a small night crawler. Some of the most popular colors are chartreuse, red and white.
Soft Plastics
These are some of the best lures you can use when seeking out the walleyes. This is because they are designed to look and move so realistically that the fish can’t tell the difference. When they see soft plastic lures moving through the water, they can’t resist taking the bait.
Basic Fishing Information
When seeking out walleyes, electronics can be your best friend. A fish finder can help you determine the depth of the fish and a GPS system can help you maneuver through the water. It can also record where the hotspots are located so you can find them easier next time. You’ll have the most luck when fishing in the late evening until around midnight or in the early morning hours before the sun comes up. However, cloudy and windy days can be very productive as well.
The more you fish a particular body of water the better you’ll learn it. This is important because you will learn where to fish and where not too. When you’re fishing somewhere new, it would be to your advantage to pick up a map of the lake or river to learn where the underwater structures are located so you can have a starting point. You can also hire a guide to take you out a few times until you become familiar with the area.
Walleye fishing is fun, exciting and a wonderful way to enjoy your free time. This is a species that will keep you on your toes because they are full of surprises. When you choose the best tackle for the job, you’ll greatly improve your chances of having a very productive day on the water. Before heading out make sure you have a valid fishing license and that you know the rules and regulations governing the water where you plan to fish.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow walleye fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on walleye fishing since 2004.

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