Spawning Walleye

i have been going fihing druing spawning season for walleye. i was wondering where they go to spawn and what is the best bait for them during spawning time thanks tyler.

Well, you have some debate about whether fishing for those walleye during the spawning season is even right. If you fish it and over harvest the female population, you may directly affect the new walleye that will be born. So you should really think about what fish you keep when you fish during this time. You will find that the walleye will head into rocky areas in order to spawn. This will help to protect the eggs from waves and give a nice cool temperature for the eggs to be hatched in. Look for those rocky areas where you will find a skull size rock formation and start fishing there. During pre-spawn season, go to the location where the walleyes have spawned the years before. They don’t change their position of spawning areas. You can find this out from local bait shops. Use some big bait to catch these walleye, and try going to an area that has a pretty straight bottom, and is deeper water. A lindy rig with a minnow attached that’s around six inches long is a nice bait to use on a jig. This should attract those walleye that are eating some extra food before the spawning begins. But don’t expect a quick bite on the bait either. It may take them a bit of time to hit on it. Have some patience, and you should come away with some nice large walleye. Keep the jig as vertical as you can. This will help to attract the fish to your bait. Big baits are what you should remember though, when you go fishing at this time of the year. They are up to eating the adult bait; this is why you should use larger bait now. Good luck in your outing. Hope you catch the limit!

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow walleye fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on walleye fishing since 2004.

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